What is BAF all about?

Berkshire Adventure Fitness

Berkshire Adventure Fitness (BAF) is not your average fitness program.  BAF believes that your fitness should be sought after through adventurous endeavors.  Fitness is like a vista.  It is not promised, it is achieved.  


Rucking (walking with weight and a purpose) the scenic, undulating Berkshire landscape will provide “breathe-taking” views, literally. Your rucksack is a gym on your back. Resistance training is the cornerstone of any fitness program and total body strength will be emphasized.


Expect to go off the beaten path, explore the best of the Berkshires and dive deep into your personal fitness journey. You will leave with an invigorating sense of accomplishment on top of a new outlook on your future fitness endeavors.


Regardless of current fitness level BAF will show you what you are capable of and provide a clear path to success. We pride ourselves on offering a fun, motivating, adventurous experience that will leave you wanting more!