The Bear Town Massacre

Attention BAF'ers Matt needs your help!!!! The dice were not very kind to Matt today and I don't think the sandbags will be any kinder tomorrow. How can you help? SHOW UP! Misery loves company. All I am is more misery so Matt needs you. In reality the workout will be hard but not that hard. I'm just hyping it up so you feel sorry for the poor guy. Here is the plan for noontime Wednesday. It'll be 70 degrees and overcast so the perfect conditions to do some work.

Welcome Party

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) 10 Minutes

Farmer Carry Two Sandbags

5 Burpees

Farmer Carry Two Sandbags

10 Air/Front Squats


10 sets of 3 Reps

Heavy Sandbag Ground to Shoulder


AMRAP 12 Minutes

5 Sandbag Toss and Sprint

10 Sandbag Slides (In the lean and rest position)

15 Kettle Swings

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